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Discover the Russian outback!

How close do you know Russia? Do you know about its ancient history outside main cities? Would you like to enjoy its nature, get acquainted with original cultures or touch religious shrines? Or maybe you want to enjoy the breathtaking scenery and find harmony in your soul? Discover the great country from an unexpected side with our sightseeing trips to Russian regions that erase all borders and stereotypes about Russia!

Crimean landscapes

May 23 - June 7, 2020

15 days

From Simferopol to Kerch, from Tarkhankut to Fiolent, from Foros to Karadag. Poppy fields, high mountains, deep caves, magnificent palaces, ancient cities and blue bays of the Black Sea...

Chalky romance of Voronezh

June 13 - June 21, 2020

8 days

Chalk mountains and cave monasteries, prehistoric hillforts and modern temples, manors and castles of Russian bohemians, as well as endless plains under the southern sun...

The Legend of Vladimir

June 27 - July 5, 2020

8 days

The wooden architecture of Suzdal, the royal palaces of Murom and Gorokhovets, the “crystal” Gus and picturesque estates, landscapes of the Russian hinterland and, of course, the thousand-year-old Vladimir.

We make Russia closer!

Stereotypes are often prevent us from traveling around Russia. Do you think that the most beautiful landscapes are very far away and expensive to reach? It seems to you that it is impossible to visit many places in one trip? In some Russian regions, it is dangerous and inhospitable, or is it impossible to fully immerse in the local culture during a short trip? Or maybe in some regions there is nothing at all to watch? This is completely untrue, and we will turn your stereotypes around!

Maximum immersion in Russia

Russia will be able to surprise even the most experienced traveler. Here is everything you can imagine: magnificent palaces and abandoned estates, ancient shrines and tourist hot-spots, wildlife and well-groomed park ensembles. Knowing about the most beautiful, unusual and little-known places of Russian hinterland, we offer our participants to fully immerse themselves in the region - and this changes their impression about it forever.

We organize trips to more than 30 regions of Russia, and their number is growing every year!

In our travels, everyone discovers Russia from a new and unexpected side, whether it be the steppe expanses of Kalmykia, the salt mines of Astrakhan, the mountain serpentines of the North Caucasus or the architectural masterpieces of the Lipetsk region. In each trip, we do not just get acquainted with the region - we immerse ourselves in its culture, history and religion, relax our soul and body in the most picturesque places of nature and gain unique impressions that will remain with us for life. The unique feeling of drive and surprise during the travel fills us with great energy, which gives us many new strength to move forward!

From our trips we bring more than just photos - we bring vivid emotions, memories and impressions of places we want to return to!

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