For many people, life is filled with a routine from an endless series of successive tasks.

We learn and work, grow and develop, we play roles and set new goals. In pursuit of the results it is difficult to find a place for spontaneity and vivid impressions. Thus, curiosity and the spirit of discovery gradually disappear, and with them the energy for a happy and interesting life.

One day, the desire for rest and new impressions overwhelms the routine, and we are going on a journey seeking for inspiration.

Seeking for inspiration

Choosing places to visit on a new trip is always not an easy task. The world is huge, and even in the vicinity of the native land there are many bright and unique objects worthy of special attention.

We are always want to combine utility with pleasure. The trip should be a rest for body and soul, but at the same time filled with new information and impressions. It should not be too saturated, but to be memorable. The main thing here is to combine right level of comfort with the desire to see something really exciting.

Traveling is more than just tourism. Landscapes that have never been seen before can be discovered outside the homeland, and it depends only on the organizer how they will be perceived.

For us it is not enough to just visit the place - we want to "feel it". We are not enough in just to see it - we want to do it at the best time of the day and year. We do not organize typical (and boring) trips to familiar places - each time the trip is unique and individual. We do not limit ourselves to difficulties, because we strive to do our work in the best possible way, with love and attention to all details!

Sight Hiker - travel for inspiration!

We organize tours and trips to interesting, colorful and little-known places in Russia and Europe. Every route and place is checked in advance!

Feedback from participants of our travels

Elena Sorochan

"South Russia 2018" route

Trips to the regions of Russia often seems boring and unattractive, but just until the moment when a man appears with a thirst to show you the local beauty. We visited the Rostov, Astrakhan and Volgograd regions, as well as met with Kalmykia. I would never have thought that wild tulips are blooming in Kalmykia, that there are so many wild hares in the steppes and birds sing so loudly, that in the Astrakhan region the locals catch fish from almost every puddle and Volgograd impresses with its power and atmosphere of eternal memory. Small details, such as: a boat trip to the Volga delta, views of the fields with high water, a wonderful view of the Don from steep hills or an incredibly tasty place in Astrakhan with Caucasian cuisine, make every day a special. The combination of exploring cities and enjoying nature (sunrises and sunsets on the lakes, walks in the steppes and along the dunes) makes every day a little separate life - it seems that the vacation lasts not two weeks, but a month!


Pavel Demin, head of the "Sight Hiker" project

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About author:


My name is Pavel Demin, I am an experienced traveler, photographer and tourist route planner. In 2019, I created "Sight Hiker" club to share the beauty and inspiration of the visited places with you.

I am an inspiredtravel lover and seeker of beautiful places - sight hiker. In my 20+ years, I visited more than 25 countries in Europe and Asia, spending no more than €4000. Exercising my detailed and rich routes, I was in the most beautiful and amazing places of the continent, including many sights that hidden from majority of tourists. Each my route is filled with history, culture and nature, which I enjoy every day of travel!

The life of a student taught me to save the money, but could not stop my desire to see and learn the world. Therefore, I have found many budget ways to visit other countries and regions. Also I am very conscious about safety, tranquility and comfort, therefore I visit each place without risks for myself and my comfort.

My travels are not for "check", but for the sake of a full "immersion" in a place: its nature, culture, history and nowadays attitudes. I was in a variety of living conditions: from the urban jungle to rural landscapes, from icy mountains to melting deserts, from the comfort of 5* hotels to cozy nights in a camping tent. I do not regret a single day traveling - this is what filled my life with meaning and made me a happy person!

My mission is to acquaint everyone with the breathtaking beauty, cultural and historical diversity of our world, first of all, my Russian homeland. I want to do everything I can for everyone to discover new places (sometimes literally beyond the threshold), fill their lives with new impressions and expand the boundaries of the familiar world to get to know themselves better.

Welcome to the "Sight Hiker" club for curious travelers - a place for those who want to learn about the most beautiful places in Russia and other countries, and then visit them with budget and comfort.

P.S.: The website is filling and updating as new materials appear during our travels. All photos are personal and copyrighted, commercial use is allowed only with the writing consent of the author. Full or partial copying of images and texts is possible only with the active link to the website "Sight Hiker". For detailed information on each country/region, please contact me personally. Thank you!