• Pavel Demin

Klin to Dmitrov 2020

Friends, hello everyone!

Recently we try a new weekend route between two cities of the Moscow region - Klin and Dmitrov. Starting in Klin from the Museum of Christmas tree decorations, famous throughout Russia, we drive to the ancient village of Rogachevo, where we walk through endless fields and meadows to the Nikolo-Peshnoshsky Monastery, and after that we go on a tour of the ancient ramparts of the Dmitrov Kremlin ... From the very beginning until the end of the trip we have a calm rhythm, silence and tranquility in the outback of Moscow region, as well as many cultural and natural beauties.

This is a great option to get out for a day in the suburbs, spend an active and at the same time relaxed day. The length of the route is about 20 km on foot, and the budget is only about 600 rubles per person. If you want to spend the weekend with pleasure - go under this program, and you will not regret it!

More information about the beautiful places of the region can be found in our guide

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