• Pavel Demin

Road to Seliger 2020

Friends, hello everyone!

From June 26 to 28, the first long trip in the Moscow and Tver Region in 2020, called the "road to Seliger," took place. This car tour included more than 30 county attractions, hidden from the eyes of most tourists. We drove along dirt roads and highways, saw abandoned temples and real palaces, enjoyed the sunset in Ostashkov and the clean air of the Volgoverkhovye. We also stayed in comfortable hotels, made evening promenades and opened a swimming season!

Our trip began in Dubosekovo - the place where in 1941 the military feat of 28 Soviet Panfilov soldiers was accomplished. Then we saw the temples of the ancient Volokolamsk Kremlin, the estates of the Goncharovs and Chernyshevs in Yaropolets, visited the first hydroelectric power station in Russia, enjoyed the magnificent estate of Stepanovskoye-Volosovo, restored literally from the ruins thanks to the respected philanthropist Sergey Anatolyevich. On the same first day, we enjoyed the scenery of the Volga River and the Assumption Monastery in Staritsa, and also saw the unique Transfiguration Church in the village of Krasnoye, built in the style of Russian Neo-Gothic by Prince Chesmensky (there are only two of them in the world!).

After spending the night in an excellent hotel in Torzhok, we walked along its cozy streets and embankments, saw the monumental Borisoglebsky Monastery, drove a couple of hundred kilometers through dense forests and swamps and ended up in Shirkov Pogost, where a unique wooden church built in 1697 was preserved, and next to it - the stone church of 1913, inside which you can see the magnificent terracotta painting. There are almost no people in this remote place, the air is filled with aromas of herbs, and the Volga River fills its waters from the lakes Vselug and Sterzh. A few tens of kilometers from here is its source, which at first may not be noticeable in the dense grass. But having seen the local beauty, you will want to keep these moments in your memory for a long time!

Having met a breathtaking sunset on Lake Seliger in Ostashkov, early in the morning we set off for Stolbovy Island, where one of the most beautiful and majestic monasteries in Russia - the Nilo-Stolobensky Monastery - is located. Founded in the 15th century by St. Nile Stolobensky, it is still the main decoration of these places (except Lake Seliger) and attracts thousands of tourists annually. Next to it, we opened the swimming season, fully enjoying the warm water and the bright sun.

A short but intense trip came to an end, but the memory of it will remain for a long time. For three days we drove more than 1000 km in the Russian outback and enjoyed it enormously. See you again, travelers! Let's discover Russia together ;)

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