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How to get Russian tourist visa

First of all you need to make sure that you do need the visa. Please see the link.


Please follow the three steps if you do need the visa:

  1. Prepare the package of documentation

  2. Submit the package of documentation

  3. Get the visa


There are single entry Russian tourist visas and double entry Russian tourist visas with 30 day period of validity.

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Documents to prepare

International passport

A valid international passport: diplomatic passport, official passport or regular passport, or travel document that is valid at least 6 months after the expiry date of the visa and has at least 2 blank visa pages.

Two complete russian visa form applications

You should input following information in the visa form application: your personal data, the purpose and the destination of a visit, details on the host party. We recommend you to use official visa form application service (there are tips in 50 different languages):

Two photos in color

One recent passport photo should be glued to the application form. Photo requirements: The frame size must be 35mm X 45mm. Photo must be made within the last 6 months before the date of application. The photo must be clear, well-defined and taken against a plain white or light-coloured background. Your face must be square to the camera with a neutral expression, neither frowning nor smiling, and with your mouth closed. Sunglasses are not acceptable. The photos must show the full front view of the head, with the face in the middle of the photo, and include the top of the shoulders.


Consular fee payment slip

The cost of the Consular Fee is 35€ for regular visa (processing times - 10 business days) or 70€ for express visa (processing times - 3 business days). Please contact Russian consulate in your country to get more detailed information on the tariffs and payment methods:


Sight Hiker travel agency will send you the tourist visa support letter when arranging the tour after signing the contract. Most Russian consulates do not require originals of the invitation papers: a fax or a scanned copy (sent to you via e-mail) is enough. Only the consulates in Switzerland, Sweden and sometimes in Germany ask for originals.​


Document submission

You should submit the package of the documents to the Russian Consulate in your country or hometown. Please see the list:

There are three ways to submit your documents: either you can do it all by yourself (going to the consulate), by post (not all consulates receive applications by post), or through a travel agency in your country (they'll take all your documents, send them to the consulate and charge you an additional fee for that).

In case you don't want to go to the Russian consulate yourself you can use the services of an authorised Russian consulate partner in the country you are applying. If applying in USA, use ILS center, for UK use VFS Global, for France use VHS France, for Germany use VHS Germany, for all other countries check the list of available countries on use ILS center website.


Visa receipt

The regular visa application process time is 10 business days; the express one is 3 business days. As soon as the due date is coming please come to the consulate to get the visa. Consulates in some countries can accept and send visa related documents by regular mail.

Will the money be paid back in case of visa denial?
Visa regime in Russia is quite loyal therefore if you are an average person without “shady past” you’ll certainly get the visa. If you have already done a prepayment for the tour and got denied of visa we’ll refund the money in accordance with refunding policy. We can issue tourist visa support letter before you’ve paid for the tour so that you can feel more comfortable. 

How to increase your chances
We recommend you to obtain the appropriate invitation ("visa support" or "tourist confirmation") first and only after that fill in the visa application form and submit all documents. To increase your chances of getting the visa, the data you specify in the visa application form should be the same as in your invitation (e.g. the purpose of the trip, the place of stay, etc.).


Any questions left? Ask them in any convinient way!