Russian expeditions of the Sight Hiker team

In addition to individual and group tours in Russia and Europe, we organize long travels and expeditions to different parts of the largest country on Earth - Russia. Each such trip is literally a "small life" that every member of the team lives. Here everyone has their own role and area of responsibility, no one is left idle. Such trips each time take place in new places, and therefore suggest the possibility of leaving the comfort zone and require readiness for surprises and unexpected situations.

During the travel / expedition we go to the most remote and little-known corners of Russia. Getting acquainted with the history of the region, plunging deeply into life and folk traditions, learning about the culture and customs of local residents, we experience all the features of life in a particular place. We do not interfere in the action of the region, but we strive to maximally enjoy its landscapes and originality, for which we came here. Moving by car, public transport and sometimes on foot, we try to understand all the features of life in the region, positive or negative. We are open to everything new, do not impose our values ​​and strive to see the region as it is - without a closed "tourist halo" and an aura of comfort. Everything is as it is, everything is for real!

Although each of us has own tastes and passions, during the expedition we become a single team, learn to trust and rely on each other, and also gain a lot of common impressions. During the trip, we become friends, learn to enjoy and interact with the world around us, and also understand something new about ourselves. A unique experience, strong impressions and a mass of incredibly beautiful landscapes change us for the better, so after each trip we return home a little different people. If this is what you like, then we invite you to join one of our upcoming trips. We promise: this experience will turn your ideas about traditional tourism and travel and strengthen the love for a unique and beautiful Russia!

Upcoming travels in Russia 2020

Pavel Demin

Crimean landscapes

May - June 2020

Late spring is the best time to visit the Crimea. At this time, warm sunny weather sets in, extremely few tourists, and the mountains are strewn with fields of flowering poppies. Celebrating life!

Duration: 13-15 days

Budget: 600 € / person

Moving by: car, public transport, on foot

Level of difficulty: medium

Pavel Demin

The Legend about Vladimir

July 2020

The ancient city of Vladimir has a long great history. In its vicinity, a great many beauties and riches of Russia are concentrated, which we will certainly meet during this trip.

Duration: 7 days

Budget: 450 € / person

Moving by: car, public transport, on foot

Level of difficulty: easy

Pavel Demin

Voronezh - Tambov 2020

June 2020

Cultural and recreational expedition through the steppes of the Voronezh and Tambov regions, with visits to cave temples, chalk mountains and manor palaces of noble persons.

Duration: 8-10 days

Budget: 500 € / person

Moving by: car, public transport, on foot

Level of difficulty: easy

Pavel Demin

Between Ladoga and Onega

July - August 2020

The route from St. Petersburg to Petrozavodsk through ancient fortresses and rich monasteries, secluded bays and remote islands, folk museums and the famous "Russian North" outback.

Duration: 14-17 days

Budget: 1000 € / person

Moving by: car, on foot

Level of difficulty: medium

Pavel Demin

The western border of Russia

June - July 2020

Travel to the most beautiful, remote and historically significant places of the Smolensk and Pskov regions, with a short stop in Belarus (Vitebsk, Polotsk) and visiting to the oldest Russian kremlins.

Duration: 10-14 days

Budget: 700 € / person

Moving by: car, public transport, on foot

Level of difficulty: easy

Pavel Demin

Along the Vologda tract

August 2020

The cultural and historical center of the Russian North - Vologda - has long been famous for its craftsmen, ancient architecture and incredibly picturesque nature. We come here to see it!

Duration: 7-9 days

Budget: 550 € / person

Moving by: car, public transport, on foot

Level of difficulty: easy

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Feedback from participants of our travels

Elena Sorochan

"South Russia 2018" route

Trips to the regions of Russia often seems boring and unattractive, but just until the moment when a man appears with a thirst to show you the local beauty. We visited the Rostov, Astrakhan and Volgograd regions, as well as met with Kalmykia. I would never have thought that wild tulips are blooming in Kalmykia, that there are so many wild hares in the steppes and birds sing so loudly, that in the Astrakhan region the locals catch fish from almost every puddle and Volgograd impresses with its power and atmosphere of eternal memory. Small details, such as: a boat trip to the Volga delta, views of the fields with high water, a wonderful view of the Don from steep hills or an incredibly tasty place in Astrakhan with Caucasian cuisine, make every day a special. The combination of exploring cities and enjoying nature (sunrises and sunsets on the lakes, walks in the steppes and along the dunes) makes every day a little separate life - it seems that the vacation lasts not two weeks, but a month!

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