Unaccompanied tours

Great Black Sea adventure (Krasnodar region)

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A trip to the Krasnodar region will turn your idea of rest "at sea". If you have only been to Sochi or the beaches along the coastal strip and have not seen anything beyond them, then you were not in the Krasnodar region. There will be a lot of sea, mountains, dolmens and vivid impressions in that tour!



South steppes of Russia

(Kalmykia and Astrakhan)

April - June

Have you ever been in places where trees don't grow at all? Where does the freezing wind spread the aromas of grass and the chirping of birds to the surroundings all day and night long? Where are the endless fields of tulips replaced by sand dunes? To see all this, just go on this tour!



From Greeks to Cossacks (Rostov region)

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Travel to the Rostov region is my long-life adventure. I was born and raised in these lands, and therefore I can offer you a unique tour of the most interesting and picturesque places in the region: the Don steppes, the Cossacks, the spirit of liberty and freedom.

Welcome to Rostov region!



What is it?

An unaccompanied tour is an organization of individual travel especially for you, which you will make independently. An unaccompanied tour will give you the opportunity to easily see all the interesting and beautiful places in the region, while remaining alone with your company and withour a guide person.


For whom?

This option is for real travelers and adventure lovers who are not afraid to explore a new region on their own and to experience all the peculiarities of local daily life (philosophy "travel like a local").

What are we doing?

We compile for you a detailed trip itinerary around the region with a list of attractions and the most interesting places to visit, prepare maps and the best travel options for budget and time, as well as helping to find car rental offices and find convenient ways for you to get to the region. During the trip, we accompany you along the route remotely in the format of 24/7 consultations.

What are the benefits?

You save your time and nerves on self-planning of the trip, get the opportunity to explore a new region without constant accompanying guide and strict time frame. You are completely immersed in local flavor and originality, gaining a unique unaccompanied travel experience. This experience brings the greatest number of impressions and sensations, revealing a wealth of new sources for inspiration. Finally, this option is the most budget travel (an average of 40-50% less compared to the standard tour).

What are the costs?

When choosing this option, you pay most of the costs during the trip (gasoline, transportation costs, accommodation, etc.). For us you pay only for the preparation of an individual route (description of the region, route of travel, map and list of attractions), as well as necessary additional services (ticket search (air, train, car); search for accommodation, selection of local tours, etc. ).

How to order an option?

Specify in the comments to the order "unaccompanied tour", and we will calculate for you the options of the trip and the final budget. The route will be fully planned according to your abilities and wishes!

Choose an unaccompanied trip and get

an exciting experience of a real adventure!

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unaccompanied tours?

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